Thematic Data Analysis

Thematic analysis is useful for revealing patterns and themes in your work and for gaining detailed understanding of social phenomena and individual experiences, perceptions and behaviours. However, it is often seen as a mysterious and complex stage of the research process. Qualitative researchers can be criticised for not always making their techniques of analysis transparent when they write up their research findings. There are also challenges in terms of how researchers conduct analysis and the steps that they need to follow. 

This live online Zoom course provides you with skills on how to manually conduct thematic analysis. While providing a brief overview of different analytical approaches, the focus of the day will be on thematic analysis. Through a practical exercise in which we analyze qualitative interview data, you will gain experience of conducting your own thematic analysis.

Course Content
We typically cover:

  • How qualitative data analysis differs from quantitative analysis
  • The principles and types of qualitative analysis
  • What is thematic analysis? Principles and examples
  • Steps to follow when conducting thematic analysis
  • Organising your data: i.e. conceptualising, coding and categorising
  • Practical activity: conducting a thematic analysis
  • Ensuring rigor and reflexivity in your analysis