Writing Up Qualitative Data

After collecting and analysing our qualitative data we can be faced with vast swathes of data and excerpts which we need to make sense of and order appropriately in order to communicate a clear and engaging story to our audiences. Writing is also a vital means through which qualitative researchers can make sense of and think about their data. Therefore, it is both process and product.

This live online Zoom course introduces you to various techniques and strategies for the writing up of your qualitative data. The course is mainly suitable for researchers who have completed data collection or at the least are currently in the midst of data collection and/or analysis.

In addition to presentations, this training includes practical elements such as workshop discussions, examples of qualitative data, and application of various strategies for writing up this exemplar data.

Course Content
We typically cover topics such as:

  • Dealing with different forms of qualitative data
  • The problems faced when writing up qualitative data
  • Explanation in qualitative research
  • The analysis stage and the role of themes
  • How to clearly display qualitative evidence in various outputs (i.e. thesis, report, article and presentation)
  • Writing up and drawing conclusions
  • The presentation of data – i.e. dealing with quotes and excerpts
  • Reviewing examples of qualitative writing