I’m a qualitative researcher with a passion for the provision of expert training in qualitative research methods to a range of clients.

I have over 15 years experience of conducting qualitative research in both academic and applied settings and of delivering training in qualitative methods to various clients including: academics, universities, research organizations, charities, government departments, policy makers and the private sector. For details of my biography visit the About page. IMG_7312

I provide the following services. I also design bespoke courses to fit the needs of clients:

  • Qualitative research training
  • Academic skills training
  • Coaching
  • Consultancy
  • Advising on and/or writing qualitative research reports and grant applications

For more information or to book a free call to discuss your requirements contact me at: karen@qualitativetraining.com

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Excellent day! Very discursive and engaging, with the right balance of people talking about individual issues and problems that anyone might have in this area. Karen is a great presenter and very humourous.

Participant – Storytelling and Narratives training course

The group absolutely loved this training day. It was full of content and practical exercises that all characters in the room got involved in with some passion. It was really good to see that 15 brains were switched on and coming up with new ideas for undertaking research in [our organisation]. Karen was so lovely – brilliant at delivery, a very open session with a good format and room for questions. She talked a lot about her practical experience in using the methodology and real-life barriers that we may face as an organisation.

Organiser and participant – Ethnographic and Observational Methods training course